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Bach Stradivarius Bb trumpet S/N 134318

Price: $3000

For sale is this Bach Stradivarius ML37 #134318 that has been completely restored and enhanced by Doctor Valve. This trumpet has the characteristic Bach sound - a complete sound that has a rich, full sounding core with surrounding brilliance.

This instrument was in excellent condition prior to restoration and now has the look of a newly manufactured 40 year old horn. This horn has a bottom seam #37 bell, my DrV 546 leadpipe (feels like a Bach #25 pipe but better in tune) which was rotationally clocked for optimum playing characteristics by play-testing prior to final solder assembly. This trumpet is, at this point, a very unique instrument which will be impossible to find elsewhere.

This instrument has been used for lightly used for about a year. It is in excellent condition at this time.

Contact Steve Winans, aka Doctor Valve, at
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